There are a lot of options when it comes to getting a replacement window which is why you should always discuss the matter with a professional, such as the team from AGTA Glass. In some cases, a special Low-E glass is used in wall and roof assemblies to minimize heat loss through the building envelope. To replace a single pane of glass the window measurements will need to be estimated and then there is the price of the frame to think about. With the new glass you’ll be able to save tons of energy over time. That can equal big savings on your utility bill.

If you’re looking to replace glass in window, thermal glass is often used. Thermal glass consists of two panes of regular 3mm glass sealed together with Krypton or Argon gas in-between to give you high energy efficiency. Low-E (Low Emissivity) glass can also be installed in some cases. We are a custom made replacement glass insulator of thermal, double glazed windows.

We specialize in replacement of broken glass with the highest quality new thermal or Low-E Glass at an affordable price. If you have thermal, double glazed window and one of your panes is broken we can replace it for you fast and convenient way.

AGTA Glass has been replacing glass in windows for over 10 years. We replace thermal glass, Low-E glass and double pane glass. We offer a wide variety of products such as insulated glass units (IGU’s), laminated safety and security glass, tempered and fire-rated safety and security, bullet resistant and impact resistant glass, low energy loss or high performance Low-Eglass, decorative mirrors and more!

AGTA GLASS is a trusted name in the glass replacement industry. We are committed to providing high quality custom glass services at affordable rates. With more than 10 years of experience, our primary goal is to keep our customers happy and satisfied with the work that we do for them by delivering excellent service and taking care of any issues that may arise. We are based in Toronto but deliver all across the city for both residential and commercial customers. Our company offers a FREE estimate and we provide the finest quality workmanship. All our services are guaranteed.